Carleton women win national title tight against Saskatchewan

Carleton Ravens secure a 70-67 win versus the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. The basketball game at Edmonton’s Saville Center saw the Ravens almost lose their title. They did have an edge in the opening quarter but soon lost the momentum, and Saskatchewan gained a heavy lead.

The first quarter tally was 19-14 for Carleton, while the following two quarters favored the Huskies by 20-23 and 15-21, respectively. Carleton women found a way to make up for the deficiency and landed a score in the concluding moments to make it 16-9 for the final tally of 70-67.

The Ravens were heavily led by Kali and Burke, who brought 18 and 14 points, respectively. Others to contribute were Dorcas, 11 points; Kyana, 9 points; and Urban, 6 points. Saskatchewan potentially relied more on Gage, who did succeed in contributing 30 points to the board. The next biggest contributor was Carly, with 13 points.

Based on Canadian sports betting news, Analysts have credited the victory to Carleton’s scoring-by-committee approach. The Huskies were ahead halfway through the last quarter. Carleton gained a lead when Burke scored a field goal on the basketball court.

Both teams were equally poised to win the game. They have collectively held four national championships in the last seven years. Carleton remains the favorite, for they are comparatively a smaller team with high spirits.

Carleton now has the highest field goal total of the Huskies in the recent game. The margin is between 39.7% and 36.8%. The three-point percentage is higher for the winning side too. Carleton bagged 28.6%, while the Huskies were restricted to 25%. Saskatchewan did have a better assist number but lagged in rebounds.

Queen’s and Laval locked horns on the same date. Laval emerged victorious by 76-62, sending Queen’s back home with a loss that was cemented in the second quarter. Laval leveled at 23-7 after having a narrow gap of 18-17 in the opening quarter. What followed after the half-time was an equalizer that did little to bridge the difference.

Verret, Blais, and Brinly led Laval in the same order by 25, 16, and 13 points. Julia tried to bring her side back to a better position, but she could not accumulate the moral support of others. Emma’s 11 points were the next-best after her 18 points.

Queen’s did have a better 3-point percentage of 34.6%. It was ultimately the field goal percentage that became the decider. Laval weighted 47.3% against 34.9% on the basketball court.

Queen’s went to that position after suffering a 74-40 defeat at the hands of Carleton. Laval, too, experienced a fair share of fall to compete with them. Theirs was against Saskatchewan by 64-57.

The 5th place game was played between Saint Mary and Alberta, wherein Saint Mary landed 65 points on the board while Alberta fell short by 3 points to match the margin.

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