Canadian authorities pitch for banning sports betting ads

In 2023, regulatory agencies established stricter rules for sports betting promotions, but authorities are seeking outright prohibition. In their perspective, it has a negative impact on the country’s youth.

The increase in promotional efforts for sports betting is being ascribed to the legalization of single-sport wagering by the federal government in August 2021. Ontario subsequently established the first iGaming arena for intermediary operators. This garnered the interest of private enterprises, which presently offer certifications. 

Bruce Kidd, a retired professor of sports policy at the University of Toronto and a former Olympian, stated that research conducted in specific nations has demonstrated that sports wagering advertisements have a profoundly detrimental effect on youngsters, attracting them to betting. 

Steve Joordens, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto located in Scarborough, concurs that the fundamental appeal of sports wagering is the opportunity to win rewards while also experiencing a surge of exhilaration. Furthermore, there is the opportunity for youngsters to engage in online gambling without the need to physically visit any casinos. 

According to Canadian sports betting news, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario intended to prohibit athletes and celebrities from endorsing wagering activities entirely around the middle of 2023. From Joorden’s perspective, providing significant televised time for sports-related wagering further exacerbates the situation.

In addition, these gambling promotional programs exert a significant impact on individuals who possess even a minor inclination towards engaging in betting activities. Statistics Canada published a report in 2022 indicating that more than 300,000 Canadians fell within the high-risk category for imprudent gambling practices.

Meanwhile, an identical bill has been handed over to the Canadian Senate regarding stricter rules for sports wagering advertisements. This will help set up a national structure and prevent betting ads. Senator Marty Deacon also suggested starting a research project to prevent young people from engaging in gambling.

As per Kidd, the bill is effective, but the problem is that every province has its own set of regulations. He firmly believes there is a lot more to be done to encourage responsible gambling.

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