Boston Bruins wait for the schedule to meet Toronto Maple Leafs

The Boston Bruins ended the last round in second place in the Atlantic Division. They are now tasked with facing the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of playoffs. The schedule is yet to be declared and is expected to be rolled out this Thursday. However, Boston is gearing up for the hockey match on Saturday as Game 1 at TD Garden.

The Leafs have a tough job at hand for the weekend. The Leafs last triumph over the Bruins on November 22, 2022. They have not won a single game against the side since then, with the Bruins maintaining a 7-game streak. It could be extended if Toronto can merely capture the audience’s attention but not the energy.

Both sides have suffered losses. Boston lost to Ottawa 3-1. There was a slight attempt to bring balance to the game, but it is only safe to conclude that the timing did not work out. The first section of the game was a goalless one. What followed was a double from the Senators. The final section saw one goal each, later translating into a win for Ottawa.

For them, TD Garden already holds a terrible memory. The next hockey game will either bring those memories back or provide something positive to remember.

A 5-2 loss by Toronto to Florida demonstrates that a single team has the ability to undermine confidence with ease. The Leafs’ two openers were considered a safe spot. That was before the Panthers netted four times in the second section. The final section got a single entry, which only cemented the win. The final tally of 5-2 against the Maple Leafs raised their overall tally to 46-25-10. These numbers give an overview of the team performance and can be useful, if users are planning to bet on hockey.

That said, two recently concluded events in the NHL have delivered two more winners: the Golden Knights and the Canucks. They locked horns with the Blackhawks and the Flames, respectively. This has set the stage for upcoming hockey games between the Islanders and the Penguins, the Lightning and the Maple Leafs, and the Coyotes and the Oilers.

Based on Canadian sports betting news, the schedule for the playoffs is expected to be rolled out on Thursday. Game 1 at TD Garden could potentially take place at night, given that their opponent is renowned for attracting a sizable crowd in Canada. The best-of-seven first-round series will officially begin between Boston and Toronto.

More NHL events to look forward to are between the Flames & the Sharks, the Kings, & the Blackhawks, and the Golden Knights & the Ducks.

The Panthers are leading the Atlantic Division with 110 points, followed by the Bruins with 109 points. The Leafs are not far behind, for they have 102 points to their name in the third position on the table.

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