Blockchain-Based Sports Gaming Is Now Possible Due to LootMogul Metaverse!

You’ve presumably encountered the phrase “metaverse” a lot if you spend significant time on social media networks. Perhaps Facebook had also rebranded as “Meta.” However, it is currently widespread in the cryptosphere.

Have you read Neal Stephenson’s 1992 scientific book of fiction Snow Crash? The term “metaverse” first entered our lexicon at that point, a 3-D area within a made-up universe. The verse refers to the “universe,” whereas meta implies “beyond.” After which, it was used in digital contexts like augmented reality (AR) and VR technology. Although Stephenson coined the term, virtual reality has existed since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

They viewed it as the website of the future, a communal virtual setting akin to what we are accustomed to now.

As Bitcoin grows, many new projects enter the cryptosphere. Web3 was released to the general public around that time. Several subtopics of Web3 are present, such as DeFi (decentralized finance), a fintech predicated on secure distributed ledgers; NFTs (non-fungible tokens), a unique digital identification that can’t be copied, supplanted, or split; the most exciting subsection, P2E (play-to-earn), which concentrates on video gaming and virtual worlds that teams play for cryptos token prizes.

Whereas attempting to play a few games, players can earn cryptocurrency, and others necessitate a token or NFT funding. The LootMogul Metaverse enters the picture here.

A Metaverse project called LootMogul was created using the Polygon Blockchain technology. It is a fan- and influencer-driven sports metaverse gaming platform with exclusive real estate (Stadiums, Lands, Arenas, etc.), NFTs, and token rewards.

Three significant parties for LootMogul are:-

  • Sports players (influencers) engage with their fan base in nearby stadiums, rinks, play areas, and other locations through the multi-player blockchain sporting events (football, basketball, soccer,  pickleball, baseball, and so on.) as well as in Real life rewards (sneakers, fitness wear, ticket purchases & passes, etc.).
  • Fans can engage in an interactive experience with endorsers through playing games by creating fantasy leagues (such as Larry Bird taking on Shaq) and competing in international tournaments.
  • The landholders make money from ticket sales, game income, NFT earnings, and brand sponsorship.

With more than 180 pro athletes from the eSports, NFL, NBA, MLB, ICC, and other sports and 1.5 million+ high school and university athletes as partners, LootMogul has the first competitive edge in this quickly expanding $800 billion industry.

By trying to bring web2 players and sports enthusiasts to the multiverse through a play2earn model, real-world benefits, perspectives, and NFT catalogs, LootMogul is growing the web3 community.

LootMogul wants to create a special area for all sports fans. You should not pass up the opportunity to connect with and compete against your favorite athlete in the Metaverse while earning money simultaneously.

You can always retract your prize money in USD straight away, and the USD will stay intact even when other currencies are volatile. You can now begin interacting with the LootMogul community and experience it firsthand.

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