BetVictor named official betting partner for CEBL

The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) has recently made a public statement about its potential collaboration with BetVictor. As reported by reliable sources, BetVictor will be the sports betting collaborator for the basketball league event, which is set to take place in 2024. This renewed partnership seems to have reportedly excited CEBL buffs to be part of the league. In short, CEBL buffs are both online gamblers and sports bettors who are highly passionate about the league’s platforms.

The extension of the collaboration is accompanied by an exciting CEBL betting event that will take place every week. In addition to being available on CEBL+, a streaming website owned by the league, it can also be accessed through various social media platforms operated by the Canadian Elite Basketball League. The collaboration will offer an enhanced complete integration of betting into social media and the rich experience of CEBL buffs.

According to Mike Morreale, recognized as the CEBL Commissioner of the CEBL, “Our association with BetVictor has not only given our supporters unique and gripping events but also lifted the global brand name of CEBL.” He added: “We are happy to add on this premise and give out custom-made sports bettors who are passionate about basketball to come up with even more creative ideas. While he said this, I believe he was very excited because it would assist him in raising needed funds for charity.

This time, CEBL will be having its 6th year since it got off the ground in 2019; Canada’s domestic league will see BetVictor come back as an exhibiting ally on its transmissions on CEBL+. This means that Canadians can have the full convenience of enjoying their favorite broadcasted games of CEBL, further expanding its reach and gaining accessibility for all citizens across Canada

“2023 saw stupendous attendance numbers, as well as spectators, figures factoring in the CEBL…” explained Brent Almeida, CCO at BVGroup. “Likewise, an increasing number of Canadians chose BetVictor as their preferred betting partner in 2023,” he continued. With this in mind, we plan to renew our working arrangement, indicating our dedication to supporting Canadian basketball and getting involved with an enthusiastic reader base throughout North America. Being part of CEBL’s phenomenal development is truly a privilege.

Regarding the CEBL’s future, there will be an increase in the number of games broadcast nationwide on TSN. This year, 50 national games, including playoffs and Championship Weekend from August 9-11th, will be shown by the league, a number that was more than twice as high as last year’s 20 televised games.

The basketball players from Canada make up about 75 percent of players in the teams of CEBL having been founded to develop and promote Canadian basketball through their participation in NBA G League, NBA or other professional international leagues in Europe including NCAA events thus demonstrating the depth and quality of Canadian basketball.

On Tuesday night, the 2024 CEBL events begin with Calgary Surge against Edmonton Stingers, their bucolic rivals, available live nationwide. Meanwhile, BetVictor is supporting growth activity in the gambling business, which can help fans feel more engaged with this sport.

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