Bettors in Ontario look for legal sportsbooks

As a result of Ontario beginning the process of regulating the entire online sports betting landscape, there has been a significant shift in the search patterns of bettors. They have begun looking for legal sportsbooks. This is, in fact, observable throughout the nation.

Initially, the Canadian Gaming Business partnered with the international iGaming subsidiary of Leadstar Media, the Canadian Gaming Business. The association occurred so that the search pattern for particular online sportsbooks could be deciphered. This exercise was conducted a year before and a year after the Ontario regulatory authorities began issuing valid licenses and cracked down on illegal online gambling.

What followed was that Leadstar’s Alex Goldstein carried out a thorough study on the facts related to the overall legalization of online gambling and its influence on the search patterns of bettors. The general trend was that bettors were not only looking for licensed sportsbooks but were also equally interested in the bonus angle. 

According to the latest sportsbook news, the introduction of legalized sports betting sites resulted in a paradigm shift in the search terms used for online betting. The most frequently used phrase turned out to be, Ontario betting sites which saw an enormous hike. Additionally, there was the ever-growing phrase, sports betting bonus. 

The emphasis appeared to be almost exclusively on the two primary sectors. However, It was observed that the phrase betting sites had lost much of its luster. This seemed to bolster the notion that legalized online gambling sites and sites offering bonuses were here to stay in Canada. 

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