Bernard Lee continues 12-year legacy of aiding Boston’s needy families

The year 2022 is coming to a finish, and the holidays are in full swing. The time has come for Bernard Lee to offer all forms of assistance to the Boston homeless families as per normal and as anticipated. 

For those who are unaware, Bernard Lee is, in addition to being a poker player, a type of media personality in his own right. He has been doing it for the past twelve years, and it has become nothing short of a tradition. It is no surprise that he has been working hard this year to assist those he believes to be in need by promising to give holiday packages to all 65 children and 40 families he has recognized.

Lee’s “The Full House Charity Program,” which he started on his own, is essential in providing customized vacation packages. These include incredibly important things like warm clothing, reading material, toys and activities for the kids to keep them engaged, enough sports equipment, and general supplies to get them through. In all of his endeavors, he has the assistance of his kids as well.

In the present, he has teamed up with FamilyAid, which is similarly thrilled to know that Bernard Lee is providing gifts for all of the kids and families stationed in their provided shelters. Because of Bernard Lee’s efforts, the children and homeless families that they serve and provide some level of comfort to also receive the benefit of being able to go about their days with a smile, which is an enormous source of satisfaction for them.

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