BCLC works to lower the stigma of the VSE Program

VSE Programme, short for Voluntary Self-Exclusion, the scheme has undergone a few changes. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation, also known as BCLC, has announced several updates with the aim of reducing the stigma and making the VSE Programme more approachable.

The program will not feature an active reinstatement process where players can choose the right time for them to return to the gambling sphere. While the process will offer only support, it will largely suffice the purpose of ensuring that players are empowered to make an informed decision regarding their return.

Players will additionally have a choice to extend Game Break depending on how much more time they need to sort things out. For instance, some players may choose an extension of 6 months, while others may choose an extension of 1 year. Going for a 2-year and 3-year extension is also an option.

Enrolment terms will remain the same, per the announcement made by the BCLC. Players will have to undertake an online course to assess the level of preparation for the return. The course will inculcate a sense of self-reflection and goal setting to better teach when they should really return to the field.

According to the online gambling news, Ryan McCarthy, the Director of Player Health at BCLC, has said that players should gamble only within their time and financial limits. Ryan has further added that they should not shy away from taking a break, as taking a break is often the best option. The Director has emphasized that it is important to empower the player while helping them make informed decisions.

The changes are another way to provide support and resources to help players, concluded Ryan McCarthy, who only wants players to practice positive play behaviors.

It has to be reiterated that participants in the program can choose their own break time with an option to further extend the break provided they are unable to return to the gaming segment. In situations where they seek assistance to analyze their personal condition, the program can come to the rescue with the sole aim of delivering results for a better understanding of their preparations.

Knowing their limits could be a priority with many more additional elements that the program brings to the table. Game Break continues to provide an option to choose the break duration according to the convenience of a player.

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