BCLC brings enhanced ID checks effective June 26

BCLC, short for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, has announced that it will start enforcing enhanced ID checks at casinos effective June 26, 2023. The goal is to have healthier and happier players in the region. Documents required to enter the casino in North America will be any government-issued photo identification. BCLC has described this move as historic, assuring everyone that it will support people who are enrolled in the self-exclusion program of Game Break.

It has also been assured that the system will not store any personal information about players while checking their documents at the doors of a casino.

Pat Davis from BCLC has said that the corporation has been working to spread awareness among players about how their involvement is necessary to help support the individuals in the self-exclusion program. The President and Chief Executive Officer of BCLC believe that BC is the only province in North America to have such a system, which is enhanced ID checks.

Per the announcement, the corporation will continue working to achieve its mission of having healthier players across the globe.

While the Canadian Crown corporation has implemented enhanced ID checks at the doors of the casinos, it remains to be seen how the issue of online casinos will be dealt with. For instance, Videoslots recently announced that it is moving into Ontario’s online casino space. It is part of its expansion in the country.

Nevertheless, it raises the question of whether protecting players through enhanced ID checks is going to be enough. It will do the job, but it will require a lot more to protect players who risk losing their life savings out of a perpetual compulsion to land a win.

According to online gaming news, BCLC justifies its action by citing several third-party reviews that have expressed confidence in implementing the measure to reduce the risk for high-risk players. According to the official announcement, participants in the Game Break program are believed to receive the most support for their decisions by being denied access to casinos.

Access to Gambling Support BC will remain live for free prevention, support, and treatment of the players. Both measures are exclusively for residents of British Columbia.

The Corporation is implementing the measures from June 26, 2023; however, it was highlighted in the announcement that photo identification may still be sought from them randomly before entering the casino. It looks like the enhanced ID checks are only going to make it mandatory for the casinos to check government-issued photo identification.

As for Game Break, the voluntary program is for all players who believe they need a break from their gambling habits or greater involvement in casino games. Participants in the program are at liberty to choose the duration for which they want to take a break. The program in its entirety depends on the commitment of the participants.

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