BCLC advises against new-circulating online casino scams

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has issued cautions about several types of online casino frauds that appear to be popping up in the shape of convincing marketing. Individuals are encouraged to reveal their personal information through them.

BCLC is a state-operated body that provides casino and lottery services. It also operates the only certified platform, PlayNow.com. As a result, it is clear that if the origins of the adverts are unrelated to the platform, they must be a fraud, even if they are convincing.

According to the BCLC, scammers are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promise bonuses and other appealing prizes. This occurs after they have listed themselves in order to share financial information. The similarity between the logos on the promotional materials and the original makes it simple to deceive individuals.

According to a BCLC statement, PlayNow and its mobile applications, BCLC Lotto!, PlayNow Poker BC, and PlayNow BC Sportsbook, are the sole providers of the official online casino and lottery service. Currently, BCLC is working to block all such bogus posts.

Meanwhile, it is strongly advised that individuals who place bets refrain from using and reporting sites or applications that request money or fees in any way, as they are unequivocally fraudulent.

Based on online Canadian casino news, BCLC announced in January 2024 that it had been granted a Level 4 license for the second time by the World Lottery Association. It is among the most esteemed credentials. Regarding the B.C. Lottery, this occasion marked the fifth occurrence.

The fiscal year 2022-23 was a tremendous success for BCLC. Based on the most recent Annual Service Plan Report and Accountability Disclosure Report, BCLC generated a net income of CAS$1.636 billion. The province received a diversion of CA$1.624 billion, while the federal government received CA$12 million.

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