BC.GAME’s Coinflip challenge comes with a $2,500 prize pool

BC.GAME, the best crypto casino gaming site, announces the Prestige Coinflip Challenge with a giveaway prize of $2500. The selected game has an internal Coinflip where the top 10 players would receive a bonanza, and $700 would be distributed among the remaining competitors. In addition, a player completing an extra bounty will be awarded an equal share of 20 percent of the prize pool.

From the online casino news, the challenge of this game is to win the highest multiplier on an in-house coin flip in a row. In the case of a tie, the player with the highest average bet amount would be considered a winner. And if there is a tie in payout and amount, the player who posted or edited the post first would be considered a winner.

A few more criteria for winning the deal are: the minimum payout should be 31.68x (5 Flips), and the minimum bet size should be $0.15 USD or equivalent. No minimum VIP level is required to enter a game. Except for the JB, all cryptocurrencies are accepted. The prizes are as follows:-    

1st Prize $500
2nd Prize $300
3rd Prize $200
4th Prize $100
5th Prize $50
6th to 10th Prize $30
Remaining participants $700
Bounty Prize $500, equal share

Every day there would be a new possibility of turning a normal day into a joyous event by just flipping out Heads or Tails. The prize offer duration is from 17th October at 3.30 pm GMT to 24th October GMT.

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