BC.GAME Offers a $2.5k Challenge with Prestige Treasures of Egypt

BC Game, a community-based cryptocurrency casino, has created an exciting challenge for all BC players. The $2,500 Prestige Treasures of Egypt Exclusive Challenge is a weekly event hosted by BC Game from the 4th of July from 8:30 PM to the 11th of July at 8:30 PM.

The exclusive Egyptian challenge will consist of a total prize pool of $2500 on the Treasures of Egypt slot game developed by Croco Gaming.  The top 10 winners of the challenge will get to take home huge rewards, while the remaining $700 will be divided among other participants. 

What Is the Challenge?

Interested participants of the BC Game Prestige Treasures of Egypt challenge can participate to win the highest multiplier and take home $500. In case of a tie, the player with the highest average amount of bet in terms of USD will be the winner. 

Note that there is no minimum VIP level. The wagering requirement to qualify is 10x, and the minimum bet size required is 0.5 US$.  Participants can use any cryptocurrency except JB. 

Available Prizes:- 

  • 1st winner gets $500 
  • 2nd winner gets $300 
  • 3rd winner gets $200 
  • 4th winner gets $100 
  • 5th winner gets $50 
  • 6th to 10th winners get $30 each 
  • The remaining participants get $700 divided equally 
  • The bounty prize is $500, shared equally. 

To enter the $2.5K Prestige Treasures of Egypt exclusive challenge, visit the official website of BC Game and place a bet.

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