BC.Game Offering a $2.5k Prestige Crash Challenge

Gamers, Be ready! You can demonstrate your experience and abilities in BC’s $2.5k Prestige Crash Contest. The game starts on August 8th and runs through Monday, August 15th, 2022. The top ten participants will win a reasonably large prize, and everyone else will get something in return for their participation. The possibilities don’t end there; all who finish the additional reward will split the $500 prize fund equally. Don’t pass up this esteemed occasion!

The BC.Game website might be the ultimate online spot for you when you’re an avid fan of virtual currency sports betting and gambling websites. On its cryptocurrency gambling console, BC.Game casino provides a thrilling selection of Slots, Table Games, Live Live Casino, & numerous casino games with gorgeous visuals, special effects, generous bonuses, and special offers.

Win BC with the greatest multiplier possible. In the event of a tie, the person who placed the significantly higher wager (in USD) will prevail. The person who decided to post or modify their post first should be considered in the Leaderboard if there is a tie in the compensation package or amount.

About the Contest

  • There is no base level of VIP.
  • The required minimum payout is 20x.
  • The least bet size is equal to $0.15.
  • Every cryptocurrency qualifies (excepting JB).
  • Winnings –
    • First-place prizes start at $500.
    • Third Place: $300
    • $200 for third place.
    • Fourth Place: $100
    • Fifth Place: $50
    • Places six through ten: $30
    • $700 for all other participants
    • Equal shares of the $500 bounty prize.

Each participant will get an equitable distribution of the $500 prize pool if they split a winning wager with an increment of 500 or higher! All minimal requirements are met under the official rules.

How do I get in?

  • Copy the URL to the wager you want to enter. Copy it, then paste it into the reply box at the link: https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10QG26EVF7L4WJ.
  • By selecting the game ID WITH VIEW IN USD mode activated, you can upload a screen capture of your victory in the same post.
  • Assemble ALL of your successes into ONE post. Instead of writing a new post, edit your established one to increase hits.
  • Each valid entry must contain the Bet Slip URL; the inability to do so will result in competition disqualification. The Bet Slip image is not required.
  • To maintain fairness for all parties, bets should be submitted within 24hrs of being placed.
  • Bets must be placed within the above-mentioned time frame. When the allotted time has passed, the thread will automatically close.
  • Per household, one (1) entrance. Anybody caught trying to win numerous winnings will be eliminated from this contest and any others that follow.
  • Your application will be deemed invalid if you don’t follow the rules.
  • By participating in this contest, you agree that BC.Game does have the final say in the rankings and outcomes.
  • Payouts will be managed within 72 hours of the challenge’s conclusion. BCD will be used to pay out prizes.

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