Alberta is poised to grant online casino authorization

Following a comprehensive assessment of its gaming legislation, Alberta is anticipated to become the latest Canadian province to grant authorization for online casinos. The government of Alberta has released its capital plan and budget for the fiscal year 2024. This entails allocating financial resources towards an assessment of the Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Act. Additionally, the act incorporates provincial lotteries, which were updated in December 2022.

Funding of $1 million is allocated for the evaluation, which may position Alberta as a viable candidate in terms of open online gambling space. At the same time, Ontario benefits from iGaming and certified online sports wagering.

Alberta is the fourth most populous province in Canada, boasting a substantial population of 4.7 million residents. It has begun preparing to implement its current gaming legislation. The objective is to reduce the burden of regulation and generate additional funds for the community.

According to recent online Canadian gambling news, Alberta is currently engaged in online wagering through PlayAlberta, a government-operated platform.  

In relation to its budget allocation, Alberta has formulated a strategy to allocate $25 billion over the course of the subsequent three years. This is in consideration of the fact that in 2024-25, the net income generated from the sale of liquor, cannabis, gaming, and lotteries, including top sports betting sites, will decrease due to increased operating expenses associated with expansion and development. Implementing online wagering involving multiple operators is anticipated to contribute to future profit growth and loss prevention.

Subsequently, the proceeds would be distributed to the communities of Alberta, which would receive a capital infusion of $7.2 billion over the subsequent three years.

Approximately $2.1 billion of the investment will support more than ninety K–12 school initiatives. In 2024-25, Alberta anticipates the total expense account approaching $73.2 billion.

A year ago, Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction Minister Dale Nally initiated the process of expanding the online gaming industry through associations.

The potential exists for Alberta to emerge as the epicenter of iGaming, underscoring the significance of a free and unrestricted market. This results from the current system’s reduced corporate taxes, simplified regulations, and rising incomes. 

Nally, along with numerous proponents of online gambling, will continue to advocate for the industry despite the Alberta Court of Appeals ruling in favor of PlayAlberta’s exclusive operation of the show in 2023.

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