AGCO and Malta Gaming Authority reignite their association

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has inked a fresh, mutually beneficial deal with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). 

Other than concentrating on issues related to the advancement of the overall gaming space, both entities will now prioritize factors related to responsible gambling and safeguarding the interests of connected players. This will also include remaining up to date on the changing regulations regarding gambling activities.  

According to the CEO of MGA, Charles Mizzi, they will act in tandem with AGCO to ensure that their compliance with the established regulations remains above board at all times. This is essential for both entities to gain the trust and faith of the regulatory bodies and the linked gamers. 

The AGCO contacted the Canadian Gaming Commission to request that they share information regarding the existing regulations and the changes made regarding other certified markets, enabling them to better their own systems. 

The AGCO has maintained a relationship with the MGA for a long time now. Both are involved in improving the iGaming sector and the accompanying rules in Ontario to the best of their abilities. 

Ontario has 47 certified operators, almost 80 legalized gaming and gambling sites, and the potential to generate $2.4 billion in gross revenue collection, a figure recorded over the last two years. In the interim period, changes were made to general promotional activities, excluding the targeting of underage gamers and the utilization of athletes for advertising campaigns. Added to that were the restrictions on providing wagering options about World Boxing Association activities, brought in earlier this year. 

AGCO, on its part, is using the experience that MGA has gathered through long-time management of the Mediterranean Island nation’s lucrative wagering market and gaming space to inculcate the learnings within Ontario’s gaming arena.

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