ACGCS to address weaknesses in compliance amongst new entrants

ACGCS will address compliance vulnerabilities related to the gaming industry, particularly among new entrants.

The Association of Certified Gaming Compliance Specialists (ACGCS) is the brainchild of Dr. Ian Messenger, the Founder and CEO of the organization. It was set up in 2022 with the intention of remedying the lacunas about understanding and keeping with the changing regulations in the gaming sector and their compliance. 

In his observation, this was seemingly rampant amongst the present generation of professionals, proving to be a major risk for all connected and concerned. This was mostly connected with the gaming space and involved factors such as sports wagering, odds engineering, safety issues, and others, especially responsible gambling. However, they were conversant with matters related to fraudulent acts and money laundering. 

Along with other professionals and experts, Messenger decided to take the matter into his own hands and started ACGCS to conduct crash courses and learning programs related to the casino space and its connected regulatory compliance issues. The classes are conducted online, and training is also involved through an association formed with Dalhousie University, situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ever since the commencement of the program, it has been gaining the attention of multiple gaming regulators. 

In due course, Messenger realized that the regulators were seemingly encouraging their staff to connect with the organization and enroll in courses and programs to improve their knowledge. 

In Messenger’s opinion, there are gaming risks, which include human trafficking, a factor that requires immediate attention. It was last year when ACGCS associated with the Canadian Center to End Human Trafficking and, thereby, introduced the initial Human Trafficking Risks in Casino Gaming license. Casino operators, professionals, gaming commissions, and others associated with the gaming industry made a beeline for the courses offered by the organization. 

Presently, ACGCS is exploring other avenues to help create a more secure and healthy gaming space for everyone.

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