2026 FIFA World Cup: Canada will host 13 Toronto-Vancouver matchups

Canada will serve as the host nation for thirteen FIFA World Cup-related matches in 2026. Six of these contests will occur at the BMO Field in Toronto, while seven will occur at B.C. Place in Vancouver.

FIFA has designated Canada and Mexico as the host nations for thirteen games, while the United States will be in charge of the remaining 78 games. 

As 45 nations remain to qualify, the full picture will not become apparent until the tournament draw takes place in early December 2025.

Regarding Mexico, it is positioned fifteenth in the global football rankings and will commence the diversified 48-team tournament on June 11. This will take place at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, followed by a match in Guadalajara. 

Canada, positioned forty-eighth, will commence its match at the BMO Field in Toronto. The date has been set for June 12. 

As stated by Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, Canada possesses a substantial historical background in the realm of football

The Americans are ranked 12th and will begin their campaign at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. 

Based on online Canadian sportsbook news, the organization of the initial ten round events, which will be divided equally between Toronto and Vancouver, will fall under the jurisdiction of Canada. Additionally, two more preliminary round matches will be played in Canada at the B.C. Place Stadium on June 18th and 24th. 

Mauro Biello, the interim coach of Canada, asserts that the BMO Field boasts a substantial historical record of triumphs.  A round of 32 knockout games will be played in Toronto and Vancouver, with Vancouver also hosting a Round of 16 match. 

As of now, the capacity at BMO Field stands at 45,000, while B.C. Place is outfitted with a seating arrangement of 54,000.  Toronto will receive a payment of $97 million from Ontario in connection with the FIFA World Cup. 

On June 19th, the United States will be in attendance at a match that will take place at Lumen Field in Seattle.  Mexico will get its chance on June 11th, with 24 matches in Mexico City and one in Guadalajara. The plan is to divide the 48 teams into 12 groups for the first round. Following that, the group winners, runners-up, and third-placed teams will advance to the knockout round of 32. 

Canada has yet to win the World Cup. The title game is scheduled for July 19 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. 

The 2026 championship was originally scheduled to consist of 80 matches. According to the plans, the United States would host 60 matches, followed by Canada and Mexico with 24 each. 

There are now 16 locations engaged, with two in Canada, three in Mexico, and the rest in the United States, including AT&T Stadium in Arlington, which will hold nine.  

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